Martin's Dream Home

Colonial or craftsman? What style home do you live in?

Hampton Roads traces its roots back to the early 1600s and we’ve seen booms and busts and waves of development over the last 400+ years.  That’s why you’ll find such a variety of architectural styles sprinkled throughout our neighborhoods. There are streets dominated by Cape Cods. On others you’ll see a handful of colonials with a few craftsmen, Greek revivals and even midcentury modern homes thrown in here and there.
Unsure about what kind of home you live in? Here are some easy ways to tell them apart.

CAPE CODS always feature steep roofs, large chimneys and dormer windows. This was a popular home style just after World War II.

CRAFTSMEN are easy to spot because of their low-pitched roofs and large front porches. They are usually built using natural materials like wood and stone and often feature exposed beams and large fireplaces.

COLONIALS are known for their symmetrical, formal style, with evenly spaced windows with shutters, columns and chimneys. This was a popular style with early American settlers, so there are many variations.

DUTCH COLONIALS are also known as “barn houses” because they often look much like a barn. The most recognizable feature is the gambrel roof. Dutch colonials also often have dormers and double dutch doorways.

GEORGIAN is the most common style of colonial homes. It’s also typically the most simple, with a boxy shape and a symmetrical series and shuttered windows.

FEDERAL colonial homes are similar to Georgian homes, but with wings extending from the basic box and more decorative elements. They are most often built with brick and feature large columns and grand stairways leading to a large front entrance.

MID-CENTURY MODERN homes feature a distinctive boxy shape with large windows, open spaces and integration of metal and wood.

FRENCH PROVINCIAL homes borrow their storybook style from estates in the French countryside. They have distinctive steep roofs and a symmetrical style.

GREEK REVIVAL homes are recognizable for their large columns and plaster exterior. Like colonials, they feature a symmetrical style, but with plenty of embellishments.

ITALIANATE homes are among the easiest to recognize. They feature ornamentation. Lots of ornamentation, such as corbels, cornices and decorative columns.

MEDITERRANEAN homes feature distinctive red tile roofs, plaster walls and plenty of arches. Balconies and porticoes are also popular elements.

RANCH homes are known for their simplicity, with a rectangular shape and often an attached garage. They are usually a single story, but split-level homes are also considered part of the ranch style.

TUDOR homes are easily recognizable for their decorative wood framing, steep pitched roofs and multiple gables. This style was most popular during the early 20th century.

VICTORIAN homes are among the most easy to recognize. They typically are painted bright colors, have large porches, ornate trim details and multiple roof levels.